YouTube channel promotion

It is a set of measures to optimize video content to improve video ranking factors, raise positions in search results for specific user requests, and retain the target audience with subsequent monetization of this traffic. Hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day, allowing you to watch a video from anywhere in the world or reach a multi-million audience. Every day, both the number of hours and the number of people watching, discussing, and, most importantly, searching for videos is growing! And now YouTube is not just a giant video hosting service – it’s a video search engine that integrates perfectly with Google search.

What work do we do to promote a YouTube channel?

YouTube channel promotion services consist of initial optimization and further promotion of videos.

1. Initial optimization of your YouTube channel

Initial optimization is preparing a channel for promotion, launching video ads, and attracting users. Optimization is divided into visual and technical.

1.1. Visual optimization includes the design of the channel following the client’s corporate identity:

  • icon;
  • background image;
  • channel logo;
  • creation of a channel structure that will help the user get acquainted with the video content as much as possible and significantly improve navigation, allowing better orientation on the channel.

1.2. Technical optimization consists of the following:

  • channel confirmation; setting up communication with the website;
  • disabling/enabling monetization;
  • defining keywords for the YouTube channel;
  • setting up a description template and tags for uploading videos;
  • moderation of comments;
  • checking for copyright infringement, etc.

After the initial optimization, we start optimizing and promoting videos.

2. Promoting videos on YouTube

Promoting video content includes optimizing each video, its distribution, work on behavioral factors and subsequent results tracking using YouTube Analytics.

Video optimization work includes:

  • defining keywords (queries) for the video;
  • adding and optimizing metadata according to keywords (title, description, tags, category, icon and subtitles);
  • adding video tips, annotations, or ending screensavers;
  • Adding videos to playlists.

After the video is optimized, we work on maximizing the video’s distribution: posting it on social networks, forums, and thematic resources. The behavioral factor is crucial in popularizing and ranking video content on YouTube. Video advertising is the best way to quickly, efficiently, and effectively improve the behavioral factors of your video. Tracking the results plays an essential role in the promotion process, so we constantly analyze the results of our work using YouTube Analytics.

However, it’s worth noting that the promotion and popularity of a channel primarily depend on the quality of the video content:

  • the video should be interesting and valuable;
  • unique;
  • the regular appearance of new content on the channel.

The cost of our services depends on:

  • the number of videos;
  • the average length of videos;
  • frequency of video uploads;
  • availability/absence of ready-made subtitles.

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