SMM (Social Media Marketing) services involve promotion in social networks, primarily Facebook and Instagram, less often YouTube and Twitter, and in specialized networks such as LinkedIn.

What is the main thing about SMM (social media marketing)?

Every social network is a mini-Internet. So, the first step in SMM is almost always the competent creation, branding, and customization of your business’s basic showcase on a social network – a corporate page (community, profile, group).

Sky Synergy Solution provides services for creating, branding and professional customization of corporate pages in all major social networks.

The main goal of SMM (like in any advertising) is to allow a business to make more money.

Social networks do not bring instant results. Even if a user clicks on your business account through an ad, he won’t buy the product right away. They will likely begin to explore your content. That’s why a company needs to maintain a systematic and high-quality social media presence. It is the only way to get a reasonable conversion rate for this communication channel.

What is the responsibility of an SMM-specialist?

An SMM specialist is a person who leads a company’s social networks.
If only a few people knew about this profession just 5-10 years ago, today, most companies hire an SMM specialist as a staff member or on a freelance basis. These services are in demand, and dozens of online universities and educational centers offer this specialty.

What does the SMM specialist do:

  • Selects posts for publications and makes a content plan for the week/month/year.
  • Manages content creation process: writing posts and preparing visual and video content.
  • Keeps track of and responds to requests on behalf of the company.
  • Answers subscribers’ questions and handles other people’s comments under the posts.
  • Configures the paid promotion of posts on various social networks: runs ads and negotiates with bloggers.
  • Monitors the effectiveness of different social networks: how the subscriber base grows, which posts attract an audience, whether new clients come to the company, whether they make orders, and how much money they bring.

What is the benefit of SMM promotion in social networks with Sky Synergy Solution?

Firstly, we provide SMM services in combination with SEO support, which leads to the synergy of your social media and your website – the correct integration of corporate pages with the company’s website can significantly increase their efficiency.

Secondly, we provide a full range of SMM promotion services in social media, involving experienced specialists and using the SMM tools that best suit the client’s specific tasks.

And thirdly, the proper organization and mechanics of our work allow us to offer our clients high-quality services at fair prices that are often lower than going market rates.

Targeted advertising on social media:
Instagram, Facebook, TikTok

Advertising on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook allows you to show your ads to users based on age and interest.

Unlike contextual advertising, social media targeting focuses on customer portraits rather than keywords.

The targeted advertising service includes:

Basic audit

First, we do a basic audit of your resources: Instagram and Facebook accounts, website, links, integrations, etc.

Defining the goal

Determine the essence of the ad: to attract new subscribers, advertise a promotion or service, introduce a cold audience to you, etc.

Banners or videos for ads

We develop banners or videos for ads. It’s vital to remember that an ad should look organic in the feed – like a post, but with the “ad” label. Another critical point is that most people first look at the picture/video and then read it. Therefore, the banner or video should contain the primary catchy information encouraging people to open the post and learn more.

Engaging texts

We write addictive and catchy texts and descriptions for a service or product. In the text, we tell more about the promotion, service, or brand. It is a must to attract the user’s attention, get them interested, and make them understand that your offer will be helpful to them, but not to reveal all the cards at once. You should interest them and encourage them to click on the link to learn more. The sales managers handle the rest.

Launching advertising

We launch promotions on the right resources and to a specific audience.

Increase efficiency

When the predicted results are achieved, we scale the ads to increase their effectiveness.

What do ads look like?

The peculiarity of social media targeting is that ads look like regular posts on behalf of a Facebook page or Instagram account.

They fit seamlessly into the feed and look unobtrusive despite the small “Advertising” label and can hold the user’s attention.

What tasks does social media targeting solve?

An effective source of sales and traffic

Social media targeting is aimed at those users who are most interested in your products or services and are ready to become your customers.

An additional channel for content distribution

An effective business never stands still – it improves its service and quality daily. Social media is a great way to announce your updates.

Wide reach and business recognition

Successful targeting is not a boost of posts but full-fledged business branding. When properly configured, it turns even potential target audiences into regular customers.

4 reasons to order targeted advertising


Users trust social networks and are ready to order the advertised product or service (or at least think about buying it in the future) when they see high-quality targeting.


When you set up ads on Instagram or Facebook, you don’t manage keywords but rather users’ behavioral and socio-demographic data.


A single social media conversion costs less than $10 because users see your ads on a platform they are comfortable with and are more inclined to buy.


Customers from social media often show loyalty to a business and not only buy its products themselves but also recommend the store to their friends and acquaintances.


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