Who needs to set up advertising in Google Ads?

Any commercial and non-commercial project needs promotion in the most popular search engine. It is the most effective Internet marketing method used in the following spheres:  RETAIL, PRODUCT PLACEMENT, B2B, B2C, ONLINE PUBLICATIONS, MEDIA PROJECTS, DELIVERY AREAS.


It is an advertising model where advertisers place ads on websites and pay their owners for user clicks on a banner (text or graphic).

PPC is a pricing model, and CPC is the price an advertiser pays for each click. It can be fixed (Flat-Rate PPC) or flexible (Bid-Based PPC).

You may hear the opinion that contextual advertising is only about PPC. It is wrong because it can work with any advertising model. You can pay for actions (CPA) or impressions (CPM).

Flexible pricing is typical for social networks and search engines. The final cost per click in them always depends on the competition at a certain time, exactly when the user makes a click. It also depends on the quality of the ad and the website to which it leads the user. Each system has individual quality assessment criteria, so you must approach them individually.

What goals can you achieve with contextual advertising (PPC)?

You should opt for contextual advertising for the following goals:

You need immediate results. Contextual advertising will bring results quickly. Very quickly! A stream of visitors will appear on your pages in minutes. It is because the moment your campaign is approved on a CPC basis (provided your bids are high enough to earn priority placement), your ads will be immediately displayed to millions of people.

The traffic will be almost instantaneous. PPC is an excellent and quick option for advertising new products, seasonal promotions, specific events, and similar online campaigns.

You want to promote a binding offer. Advertising products, services, or events that are limited in time is always a race. An extended period of SEO campaigns can lead to delayed results. For such offers, the feasibility of PPC marketing will be ideal. Need to promote a proposal that will end in 2 days? No problem. Contextual advertising will bring you the traffic you need in minutes.

Your website is not SEO-designed. Search engine optimization requires content-rich websites that are regularly updated. It is the only way to: 1) inform search engines that your site is relevant and 2) remind them to keep it at the top. Some sites, for various reasons, are not designed for this purpose. These include websites created on construction kits, landing pages, and squeeze pages (single-page websites launched for one purpose – to collect user information in the form of e-mail, phone number, etc.)

A pay-per-click advertising campaign is the best way to generate traffic for such sites.

You want to dominate the search results by keyword category.

PPC results are displayed above the results of a regular search. It is a significant position since, in most cases, up to 50% of search traffic is directed to the first three advertising links. Without contextual advertising, you give all these clicks to your competitors. If you’re serious about increasing clicks share on search queries relevant to your business, you should definitely use PPC!

These are specific situations when one or another marketing method has a logical advantage.

Factors that influence the cost per click:

01 The level of competition – in each industry, there is a limit to the cost of acquiring a customer; thus, this maximum cost can serve as a constant.
02 Ad quality indicator – relevance of the keyword to the ad, the relevance of the keyword to the landing page.
03 Landing page quality indicator (relevance of the landing page to the keyword, behavioral factors: average time spent on the page, uniqueness of the content, number of pages viewed, repeat visits, etc.


Did you think websites appear on the first line of search results by themselves? In real life, it takes a lot of work and time before Google starts making friends with a resource and monetizing it through organic search results. The task of Sky Synergy Solution is to make this process as comfortable and fast as possible for the client.

According to the latest research of Jumpshot agency for 2017, click-throughs from Google searches provide 62.6% of traffic for all US Internet resources. No such large-scale studies have been conducted in the CIS, but this figure is likely to be even higher due to the wider variety of advertising channels in the US.

A website of a similar commercial theme, which has been undergoing full-fledged SEO work for a year now, with monthly data:

Here are several other significant advantages for business:

  • an opportunity to get an additional sustainable channel for attracting customers;
  • increased brand awareness and reputational bonuses;
  • it is one of the most affordable and profitable Internet marketing channels;
  • a relatively low entry threshold makes SEO services available to small businesses;
  • the opportunity to become one of the leaders in your market segment at much lower costs compared to offline;
  • sustainable effect of the work, the return on which is only growing in the long run;
  • Improving the website’s quality and user-friendliness in the optimization process.

And one more important point – by neglecting SEO, you are voluntarily “throwing” yourself out of the market, giving it to competitors. Whenever a potential buyer searches for a product or service you offer in a search engine and doesn’t find your site, they go to your competitor’s site.

Results even after stopping

Unlike contextual advertising, SEO allows you to take care of the future. If for some reason, you need to interrupt optimization and promotion, the results of the work of SEO specialists will not disappear. SEO optimization and website promotion are forward-looking – a company may be sure this work is for many years ahead.

However, combining it with PPC advertising gives even greater and faster advertising results.

Your benefit is clear: your business will be better represented on the Internet, your links will be at the top of the search results, and your targeted queries will live up to their name. Customers looking for your product will see your website, not a dozen lesser stores. You are better than each of them.


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