Online promotion of eCommerce projects and online stores

Since 2013, more than 100 online stores have improved their online business with the help of our experts. We have collected this experience in a comprehensive promotion strategy that allows you to Not to spend your marketing budget on something that doesn’t work.

The first step of the project is to brief the client, and after understanding the details, we conduct a detailed audit of the market and competitors. For the promotion to be effective, you need a place for online sales where customers can buy your products. We provide the service of developing an online store from scratch.

Stages of creating an online store


We study the target audience and competitors and prepare SEO at the development stage.


We create a user’s path and interaction with the content.


We develop a design that makes online shopping as straightforward and pleasant as possible.


We create a website with interactive design, dynamic elements and an adaptive layout.


We launch the project with automated functions, customized metrics, integration, and synchronization with related services.

What kind of online stores do you develop?

Online store on a template

from 2 weeks

from 2 000 USD

Online store with individual design

from 4 weeks

from 3 500 USD

Full individual development of an online store

from 2-3 months

from 7 000 USD

SEO at the development stage

Website optimization at the development stage is a coordinated work of programmers and marketers. It aims to prevent promotion mistakes in the future and attract organic traffic at the beginning of the work.

This approach eliminates traffic loss, significantly saves resources for fixing errors after an online store creation, and allows you to immediately launch a ready-made and optimized product.

SEO promotion of an online store

Optimization of an existing online store, in which we eliminate current errors and select approaches to increase the site’s position in search results.

This type of promotion increases website awareness and ensures a long-term increase in organic traffic.

Contextual advertising of an online store

A type of advertising that pays per click on an ad – text, image, or video. These ads can be placed in search results and on Google partner sites.

It is an excellent tool for quickly attracting new customers and promoting special offers.

Display advertising

It’s another type of contextual advertising that implies the placement of banner advertising an online store on Google partner sites. Ideal for online stores because it affects not only sales but also branding.

The tool works well for product awareness, the cost per click is relatively low, and flexible targeting settings allow you to show ads only to targeted customers.

Remarketing and retargeting

Remarketing and retargeting technologies allow you to show ads and engage the audience that has already visited your website or interacted with your advertising materials (for example, watched your YouTube video).

This way, you can return users who did not perform the targeted action on your website or stimulate repeat purchases.

Email marketing

We set up mailings, push notifications, and messenger campaigns as part of email marketing. It’s a great way to remind people about yourself, encourage them to make a second purchase, and reactivate inactive customers.

Direct marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to return users and increase repeat sales.

Advertising on marketplaces and price aggregators

Advertising products on marketplaces and price comparison sites allow you to reach an audience that is ready to buy and is in the process of choosing and comparing offers and suppliers.

Ads are customized based on your product catalog and displayed in the appropriate sections of the marketplaces.

Audit of promotion

We analyze project optimization and advertising campaigns conducted by your team or contractor. We provide a detailed report and prepare a list of recommendations for each project.

It allows you to identify growth points, prevent potential mistakes, and develop new promotion methods.

Promotion in social networks

It includes SMM strategy development, social media management, and personalized advertising messages with the ability to accurately select the target audience based on many parameters: gender, age, geography, interests, marital status, education, place of work, and events (e.g., engagement). It comes with a large number of formats and flexible settings.

Great for building awareness and direct sales.
Integrated promotion. Combining several online marketing tools allows you to significantly increase promotion and achieve high results in less time.

You will be able to outrun your competitors, get into the audience’s attention zone, and attract new customers.

Advantages of the strategy for the theme

No experiments

The project budget is spent only on effective sources for promoting online stores. We have more than 10 years of experience in the niche, so we know how to attract interested visitors to the site.

Systematic approach

Sky Synergy Solution specialists have developed a transparent scheme: when it’s necessary, we connect/disconnect particular tools to get the desired result.

Control of the call analytics system

In 1/3 of cases, store operators do not pick up the phone on time or do not call back after a request in case of failure to call. We monitor the work of operators and report if we encounter such issues.

A team of specialists in various fields

We know how to promote online stores in regions, countries, or worldwide. We have worked with almost all topics, so we can definitely find the right tools to promote your project.


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