Design & development of a corporate website for

Chamomile Moving LLC


To develop a website that would include all the company’s services with a competitor market audit and optimization for further SEO promotion.

About the client

Are you moving? Keep calm and choose Chamomile Moving! We’ve been in business since 2008 servicing Southern California with all types of relocation services. Whether you need to move to a new home or relocate your office, our moving experts are fully at your service. The satisfaction of our customers is our priority, so we aim to handle each relocation in a fast, affordable, yet reliable manner.


At the beginning of the work, we conducted a detailed market audit in the state of California, which gave us a clear understanding of the end customer’s desires in the region.
The audit included more than 70 pages of information on competitors, market size, emotional factor of the client’s choice of companies, the optimal structure of the site, and the areas of growth that would be the fastest to achieve the highest positions in Google.

Then we developed a website with a modern design and adaptation for all convenient gadgets. In addition, the site has 9 additional pages of services and a blog page where materials about the company’s work are posted in real time.

A team of 7 people was involved in the work:

  1. A marketer who controlled the sequence of work and created a brand promotion strategy.
  2. SEO specialist, who conducted a detailed market audit, selected a convenient website structure, prepared a technical task with a list of recommendations for the copywriter, designer, and Frontend and Backend programmers.
  3. A copywriter who came up with selling and user-friendly slogans and texts.
  1. A designer who took into account the emotional component of customers and drew a convenient and easy-to-read website.
  2. Frontend programmer, who built a convenient grid for the site, developed a user-friendly interface, and took into account the experience of users using similar sites.
  3. Backend programmer who created the internal part of the site that works outside the user’s vision.
  4. Project manager, who collected information from the client in real time and controlled the ease of interaction with the technical department.

We are currently working with the client to ensure the website's stable growth in Google.

Link to the site: